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Here in Kuala Lumpur, KL Sex Angel Escort Penthouse has a very strict rules. It is up to you to discuss the limits and the spectrum of services you wish to receive. Discussion are made with the model directly to avoid any misunderstanding. Please remember that our girls can say “NO” if the client is too drunk, obviously aggressive, if he pushes the limits of the tête-à-tête agreement with the escort or something is radically wrong with his hygiene.

All our KL Escort girls are young and healthy being.

Confidentiality goes without saying in our KL Escort agency, everything that is going on between you as our client and the escort girl you have chosen never becomes public. And to crown it all our services are really affordable! Enjoy the company of the best Kuala Lumpur Sex Service Girl Escorts!

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Notes :

Important notes: TO ALL CLIENTS.

  • Respect yourselves and respect the customer service operators.
  • DON’T send nude pictures of yourselves or any part of your body to us.
  • The operators are one of our employees, they are not in the list for bookings.
  • Kindly do not be surprise that there are sometimes men answering the phone as they work on shifts.
  • Please don’t make video calls or send us any pornographic mp4 to us. We thank you in advance but NO THANKS.
  • If the management feels that your your enquiry aren’t sincere or genuine enough, kindly forgive us for ignoring your text or calls. We will block it if it deems necessary.
  • We, the management will try our best to provide the best service for you, please work with us and make this a joyful interactions.